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Michigan Fashion Week was formed in 2012 to showcase and highlights Michigan’s prestigious talent in the fields of fashion design, photography, art and modeling, looking to present their businesses and talents in a professional manner. Michigan Fashion Week provides the bridge between fashion designers, models, photographers, advertising agencies, model agencies, fine artists, make-up and hair stylists, exhibitors, and entrepreneurs in the beauty, and fashion industry directly to consumers. Michigan Fashion Week strives to produce an upscale quality event with the overall goal of bringing awareness and economic growth to the international fashion industry. We work with  higher education institutions to recruit and develop talent, as well as, provide an avenue for students to learn real-world skills in the various industries that contribute to our event. As part of our commitment to the Greater Detroit area economy, our marketing strategy involves collaboration with local businesses to create new sales, networking opportunities and eduction on how to grow their companies global. We accomplish this by attracting customers through hosted events, special sales promotions, and social media marketing efforts. Michigan Fashion Week is in association with Fashion For Progression (501c3).


The Fashion For Progression is the hub for learning and resources for the Michigan Fashion Industry. The Fashion Summit has access to the educational tools and global business development and uses Michigan Fashion Week as an avenue to help local fashion entrepreneur and students expand their market internationally . We create opportunities of invaluable exposure, global recognition, networking and aligning them with experience professionals and advocates in the industry and in business. We are now in our 8th year and have had very successful, highly attended inaugural Fashion Weeks and have reached and touched over 10,000 people each year. 


Our exposure also includes, radio, print, social media, and fashion blogs throughout the Country. Due to the success of Michigan Fashion Week, our Founder Loren Hicks has received numerous awards, including Crain’s Business. Our founder has been featured on many television programing, including TLC, BRAVO, and many many more. 


Michigan Fashion Week is a premier fashion company that bridge the gap between fashion brands, fashion designers to customers and buyers through events, collaborations, media, marketing, recruiting, and educational programs. Michigan Fashion Week has been the major component in Michigan Fashion Industry for over 10 years. We curate unforgettable events that attracts a multitude of diverse influencers in fashion, media, and entertainment. Our objective is to provide real business opportunities to fashion designers and fashion businesses to showcase their skills and abilities in the most professional way.


Michigan Fashion Week Executive Board & Support Staff

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